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Further Information

When brain injury strikes, it is often impossible for people to pause and substantiate their current presence. It is like trying to count molecules of oxygen or water with the naked eye – the task is overwhelming, and you cannot see the forest, because the trees hide it.

It is not uncommon to find that the most elusive answers to the main challenges of living with brain injury were always among the experiences and instinctual depths of the self. The answers are lived all along, while not consciously understood. It is just impossible to spot the solutions or clues when your eyeballs are inside out.

Living with an injured brain is a paradox. The obvious conceals itself and makes itself known.

Blinded by its inability to fathom its challenges, the injured brain stumbles.

Educating ourselves about the many aspects of brain injury can be overwhelming. It can very soon begin to feel as though we can absorb no more.

Because it is overwhelming to work out alone, we have broken information down into sections. Breaking things down helps you to see what is prioritised – in other words – we have tried to think ahead for you and have tried to balance this with the information that may be needed by family members and other people.

Living with a brain injury is a tight rope to walk. Sometimes we need to let go and be taken by the flow of life. Sometimes we are ready to take up the reins again.

When the brain fails to direct, it feels as though we are without choice. We want to learn, want to understand, and yet there is no room at the inn. The patrons queue up at the reception and have no idea that they can’t get in. They want to, they know this is the right place to be, but the inn is full to capacity, and everything incoming is rejected.

Understanding why this is happening is part of recovery. The problem is that you have to wait until you are ready to work it all out.

The time for this will come. For those who have retained self-awareness, it is easier to work out and to process information logically.

For those who are unable to self-feedback and lack insight, the battle to regain control can be a long one.  The possibilities are unlimited and evident. You have to keep going and accept that everything happens at its own right time.


Whatever you do go at your own pace, and contact us if you need any help.

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