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There are a number of things that are really important for you to understand before you use any part of this site.

The information given throughout, but namely in this section, includes background information that everyone needs to understand in order to be able to move forwards with utilising the suggested lifestyle changes listed under ‘Fixing Your Brain.’

Please follow the process of the site by following the navigation menus in their order. The more you understand about the causes of your symptoms and outcomes, the more likely the suggested treatments will work.

Also, possibly most important, is the fact that for those of you who are living with a brain injury you should be aware that you are rebuilding what is essentially ‘you.’ You need to put as much understanding in place as you possibly can to have the best outcomes and success with your recovery.

For family members assisting a loved one you may need to be selective and use your discretion about how much information you share so that you don’t inadvertently overwhelm them.

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