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Need to Know…

While it can be tempting to jump ahead, there is a lot of valuable information under this, the ‘About Brain Injury’ section. 

One of the things that can be most valuable to us on the recovery journey is knowing that we are not alone; knowing that we are not the only people who have struggled through certain events can affirm to us how strong we are and how well we are doing.

There are also many valuable insights in these pages that often help with shifting existing paradigms, and they really shouldn’t be missed for all the tea in china.

Sometimes the journey it isn’t about getting to the end – sometimes it is all about those little snippets we glean along the way. These snippets can come from multiple sources – the secret is staying open to them.

Just a few words said in the right place at the right time can have a profound effect on many things – from our beliefs to our attitudes, and sometimes to the amount of courage we have left in our pot. Sometimes delving into that ‘pot’ can take courage – especially post-trauma. There can be much that we are not aware of because trauma and significant change can leave many hidden wounds and scars.

It is worth it though – it is worth finding out that there is always hope – no matter what corner of the room we are currently able to see life from, and no matter how afraid we feel. .

Picture courtesy of Jacqueline Goodwin – amazing woman, survivor and advocate.

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