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Connected Partners

Connected Partners

Creating Business Relationships and Business Opportunities

  • We aim to continue to always offer free support, guidance and information to people living with the outcomes of brain injury and their families
  • To do this we need your help please
  • There are no set charges or fees for any of the following services we offer – instead we invite you to assess the value of working with us, which allows you to choose how much you would like to donate to support our work

Opportunities and services:

  • We invite you to advertise with us – we will add links to your business from any of our pages
  • We will place the advertisement and link to our main advertiser at the foot of our site
  • We invite you to send us written materials that we can then create a ‘feature article’ from. We are also happy to do a write up for you if you prefer
  • We invite you to become our headline sponsor for a period of one month or one year
  • We invite you to become our secondary sponsor for a period of one month or one year
  • We are happy to promote your products after researching them ourselves and to work with you as an affiliate

Coming soon –

  • We will be creating a resources directory – all connected partners will automatically be added to this list – this is our way of saying thank you for your support
  • We will be producing a monthly on-line magazine and this will feature our current sponsors, affiliates, advertisers and featured articles with links to our resources directory – this is another way we can say thank you for your support
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