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‘The inside of Brain Injury’ is a brand name of ‘Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC,’ a not-for-profit community interest company.

It is important to us that the operations of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC are open and visible, both for the benefit of our connected partners and also to all people who contribute financially to the business and website.

Funds received will be used for the business and surplus profits will be used to contribute to brain injury scientific research, instigate research programmes and support the publication of educational tools. Where we are aware of a specific need or goal which benefits the community, we will distribute funds to selected brain injury charities and organisations.*

We will upload end-of-year financial reports, the first being in 2020.  They will be viewable at Companies House and Companies House website.

Please also see our Financial Controls Policy



  1. Excess Annual Profits will be distributed within six months of the end of financial year accounts audit.
  2. Those researchers, charities and organisations selected will undergo a selection process to ensure the manner of business being carried out meets all legal and financial requirements of such business and provides services to people living with acquired brain injury or supports the improvements of social care or research.

Please contact us for an application form for funding approval or to be added to the list of approved charities and organisations.

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