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Our Aims

Our Aims

The aims of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC:

  • To provide information and support to everyone living with acquired brain injury
  •  To help those who are diagnosed but are not receiving full medical support or follow up care
  • To provide information that will empower people to improve their health and understanding of their cognitive impairments and symptoms
  • Make it clear what services are available and how to seek a referral at any stage post-injury. Many people don’t know what services are available to them. Many people are unaware that any help exists at all.
  • Through global events: raise awareness and educate the public to improve cultural understanding of brain injury and associated vulnerabilities, brain health and mental wellness, and to teach about needs and adjustments to improve prevention

We will do this through:

  • social media, websites, public events, research and collaboration with advocates and organisations.

Further information

People still ‘fall through the net‘ and don’t get any help from specialist medical services. Sometimes this is for financial reasons, or because insurance doesn’t cover therapy or medication, or only covers necessary or limited treatment.

There are millions of people who are overlooked because they were not initially diagnosed, were dismissed, or because they haven’t been able to find a doctor who understands that the brain can be injured. Medical schools provide training to doctors specialising in neurology and so general doctors can qualify without any experience in brain injury. Protocols can be slow to change.

Some people are isolated for prolonged periods for these reasons or because they have communicative and relationship problems with family and friends and find themselves without anyone to turn to for support.

Difficulties understanding changes and outcomes can happen even when people are receiving specialist help – there can still be gaps in comprehension and also in the information given. For example, ‘how’ things are explained can have a significant impact on what is understood.

Our ethos is: – If you need help, you should get it.

We need to do more at the ‘front end’ to prevent an array of unnecessary social and economic outcomes.

Families and friends can also struggle because of a lack of information. It is tremendously difficult to know how to help, support, and know what to do for the best for a loved one, when you are on a very steep and sudden learning curve, and there is little information to help.

On this site

Everywhere possible descriptions are given for what it is like to live with brain injury symptoms and outcomes from the ‘inside, ‘and also what is often observed or thought looking ‘in’ from the ‘outside.’ Perspectives are different depending on whether you are experiencing brain injury directly or indirectly. This is approach and concept is explained further in The Inside and Outside of Brain Injury.

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