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What To Expect

What To Expect

From The Founder: Annie Ricketts

My plans for building this site have been rummaging around in my head for many years. I couldn’t fathom what I needed to do or where to start – part of the ‘joy’ of living with a brain injury!

The need for a site like this has been evident since the beginnings of the internet but more so since it became understood and more popular. I have wanted to do this for at least seven or eight years, but because of on-going executive dysfunction, could never figure out how.

A Bit of History:-

In the early summer of 2018 something extraordinary happened! I had been struggling with the pretty desperate symptoms of Fibromyalgia for at least five or six years that I could remember. The symptoms of this inflammatory disease added to my cognitive impairments.

My doctor linked the onset of Fibromyalgia to my brain injury and damage to my central nervous system. I was undergoing another round of occupational therapy and also receiving help from the UK charity Age UK.

I had been so crippled that I could barely get out, and ‘thinking’ was near-on impossible. One day I was struggling to get across the road to walk my dog up the track when I bumped into a neighbour. He suggested that I try using Blessed Seed Oil; I had never heard of it.

I can’t recall the details of how he came to lend me a small bottle to try, but he did. It took me weeks on end to remember to buy some orange juice to take it with – Ray’s suggestion was that I take the oil in it. Eventually, I got to it!

When I used the oil, it was like a miracle! 

Within two days, my pain levels had dropped from an almost constant 8/10 ‘distressing,’ to a 3 to 6. My cognitive clarity started to come back, and my thinking was clearer than it had been since I fell on my head in July 2000.

Finally, the thoughts that had been aimlessly ruminating around in my head started to take shape.


The Inside of Brain Injury

The concept of there being an ‘inside’ perspective of brain injury had been with me since at least 2010 when I wrote a book called, ‘My Latent Self.’

I was well aware of a unique experience that you could only truly understand if you were personally living it. My view was that those on the ‘outside’ had as much chance of really understanding as Mr & Mrs Darling had of visiting Neverland. Unless of course, someone started to explain it all in understandable terms.

Bringing everything together hasn’t been easy! I can’t begin to tell you how many deep pits I have fallen into trying to build this website. While my brain is working better, and my thinking is more precise, it is abundantly evident to me that I still don’t understand the everyday world that everyone else lives in beyond my reaches. I haven’t yet had enough exposure to replace previous wisdom.

I find it hard to communicate and understand others because I haven’t got a clue about what people want or expect. I struggle with word-finding, and so everything I write takes enormous effort. My cognitive impairments slow me down, but they don’t stop me!

Although I can read again now, I don’t necessarily interpret information as I move from one word to the next. My brain has problems picking out the context even though my recall of information is pretty good. These impairments make editing and proofreading labour and time-intensive.

My remaining difficulties are due to the total loss of experiential memory and the extreme slowness of re-learning since July 2000.

The only thing I know anything about is how it has felt to go through the process of rebuilding my brain. I become easily confused with other subjects. What I have finally managed to do is to achieve this step of my goal, which is bringing this site together – and all because Ray lent me a little bottle of oil!

The oil was a huge stepping stone on my path to recovery, and it enabled me to have enough brain to research all kinds of things I would never have imagined even being able to think of before I started using the oil. Through this research, I was able to incorporate many other methodologies, strategies, supplements, and a nutritional plan that have all added to the success I had with the oil. I have brought this all together for you – just as I have always dreamt of doing

So, What To Expect?

You can expect me to be honest and transparent. I am one of those people who tell it like it is – I’m not very good at the fluffy stuff even though I have deep empathy, compassion, and understanding for my fellow travellers. I tend to cut-to-the-chase.

I have supported as much of the information on this site with research as I can. It has brought me new understanding and confidence. I like science, I like facts, and I love that I’m not leading you astray!

I know it has taken me a long time to get here, but there are some things – namely the stuff I am passionate about – that even I don’t forget!

You can expect information about brain injury that will help you to understand what has happened to you. This information will also help your family and friends, and wherever possible, I have tried to bring understanding by sharing common misunderstandings.

Where I don’t have personal experience of a particular symptom or outcome, I rely heavily on bringing you the best of the latest research.

Enjoy and heal along with me. If you struggle with anything, please, contact me! Do it when the thought arises rather than making a note to do it later – you may forget what you were thinking!

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