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Who We Are

Who we are

‘The Inside of Brain Injury’ is a division of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC (a not-for-profit). We are also supported by many people and organisations across the world – many of whom have volunteered their time to help us get this project and business started.

Hello, and once again welcome…

I am Annie Ricketts, the founder and a ‘survivor.’

We fully believe that that the first place we start with anything, is with helping ourselves first. The whole ethos of this site is based around this philosophy and rather than us ‘doing’ for you – we hold out a hand and guide – and you do all the work!

If you read our ‘Home’ page you will understand why we have taken this stance. The idea is to give you tools and information so that you are empowered to educate yourself and use this to improve your post brain injury life.

The content of this site is based on high quality scientific research and knowledge gained through experience.

You can find out much more about us on the following links, and more about our aims and purposes of this site, by following the menu structure. We would like you to get familiar with the menus as many areas you may think are okay to skip, probably hold valuable insights that will help you understand your experiences of brain injury in better ways.


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