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The Team

The Team

Introduction by Annie Ricketts, Founder

What we do here, and how we do it, depends on how you look at things. Does the ‘team’ behind this website start with the founder – or does it start with the dreams of the many giants who have stood before? Does it even start with an even greater idea? Does it start as part of a cosmic grand plan to improve the way human beings interact with each other?

It would be arrogant of me, at least by my way of thinking, to assert that all of this started with me. It didn’t. The energy of what we are doing here started with the experiences of millions of people who were struggling with brain injury long before I ever did.

Whilst I may not have consciously known this was happening – I have no doubt in my mind that I ‘knew’ on a quantum level that “experience is the mother of the recognition of compassion.” The type of experience isn’t really relevant – it is what you do with shared experiences that counts.

We have seen this global cultural change birthing slowly and gradually with people all working together – for one cause or another – to shift human understanding to another level. That we are a part of this – makes us a team more of time than of size.

Mentioning who is a part of the team behind this site is more like listing all the people who supported an Oscar-winning performance than it is about the people who are involved in a practical level. I would never have come this far if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of the whole ‘team’ of people who first got behind me with following my lucid dream about the ‘Brain Injury Global Picnic.’ If that had fallen flat – so would I – probably. Coming this far would certainly have been very much harder.

What it comes down to is the inauguration and running of the not-for-profit business – ‘Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC.’

Paul Everist has also joined us. His role is to take care of the financial structure of the company and to provide on-going business support and accountancy and tax services.

Undercliff Accounting also provides many other services to individuals and small businesses.

It takes many minds to put a business together, and it then takes many more minds to preview the work, offer constructive feedback, and all from a stance of helping and giving. We have been blessed over and again, to have found just the right people, at just the right time. There are many people who have reviewed this site and helped.

This team will grow. We already have people sitting in the side-wings waiting to bite the bullet and the general idea is that everyone is the boss! I know this sounds ludicrous and that people tend to think in terms of ‘hierarchy,’ but I think in terms of leadership and diversion so there is no hierarchy – just a team.

I also tend to think in terms of equality – so, to my mind, no one is at the top of any structural pyramid – everyone is valued and this is what makes every idea important and means it is listened to.

We have a ‘flat’ system and it is up to individuals to inspire and be inspired.

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