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The One, Two, Three Plan

The One, Two, Three, Plan

*A simplified steps plan for people who struggle with reading and processing

*Things to do before you start

*Changing the toxic brain environment

*Considering whole body relationships


Brain injury affects the biological and chemical environments of the brain. It also changes our natural brain wave patterns and the way the rest of our body functions. These changes not only interfere with our thinking and ability to understand the extent of impairments, but also make it extremely difficult to take back control.

The toxicity caused by the secondary outcomes of brain injury also make it much more difficult to manage the stress and frustration associated with living with neurological damage, and make it much harder to manage ‘every-day’ events in our lives.

This plan is a very simplified version of the things you can do to help yourself improve life after brain injury. It is really important to include as much of the full range of suggestions made on this site as you become more able. Revisit the information given across all the pages as often as you are able to.

This simplified version is designed to get you started and to hopefully improve your brain environment enough for you to be able to take on and tackle the big issues that may be contributing to the prolongment of your recovery.

Before you start

Before you start it is important to speak to your doctor and to consider your finances. You can find more information about why these are important under ‘Getting Prepared.’ In the main this plan is intended to support people who are isolated and who don’t have access to medical support. It is important to ask your doctor for a referral to specialist services and to see if you can access these before you start making any changes yourself.

The toxic brain environment

A brain injury causes changes to the brain environment by flooding it with toxic hormones. These changes are caused by the primary and secondary outcomes of brain injury and create a whole range of symptoms.

The following plan helps to reduce inflammation and toxicity and in turn improves thinking.

Whole body approach

It is important to consider the whole of your body as your general health also affects the brain environment. Medications and other health problems may decrease the speed of results this plan can bring. It is important to be patient with yourself and also to know that every positive change you are making is helping.

One, Two, Three, Plan

You don’t need to do anything in steps or phases. There are three important areas to address and you can make all of these changes at the same time. There is no specific order. If you can try and start making these changes together as each part supports each other part.

Depending on your life habits some of these changes may seem drastic. The conscious choice you are making is whether you are prioritising your brain recovery versus your lifestyle.

Remember, many negative habits don’t start because you made a conscious rational choice -poor choices begin for many reasons including peer pressure, subliminal advertising, brand marketing that told you this would be great for you (it is great for their profits), cultural and social introduction and identification.

Recognising that this is your time for conscious choice empowers you to make the changes you need to make to feel better and improve the outcomes and symptoms of your brain injury.

Think detox

  • Think Detox – If you can’t eliminate all environmental toxins try and reduce them as strongly as you can. 
  1.  Change your household cleaning products to natural ones that don’t contain chemicals
  2. Change your personal hygiene products, shampoo, moisturiser, shaving cream etc to natural or organic ones that don’t contain chemicals or heavy metals
  •  Cut out all stimulants and recreational drugs
  1.  Yes, this includes smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugar laden soft drinks and chemicals in foods and drinks – including aspartame and other chemical sweeteners
  • Introduce detoxifying herbs and teas 

Think Nutrition

  1. If you find yourself eating empty calories – foods low in essential nutrients – then you need to undo the damage these foods do to your brain by eating even more nutrients
  2. Try to buy only organic produce – you will save the money you need for this by cutting out all empty calorie foods and drinks. All veggies, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds are great
  3. Eat grass fed, free ranging, wild or organic meat and wild caught fish
  4. Do not eat processed foods – this eliminates chemicals, empty calories, trans fats, GMO, salt, and much more
  5. Do not eat foods containing sugar – these destroy the good bacteria in your gut and feed the bad ones exacerbating your brain injury symptoms

Use supplements

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids
  2. Black Seed Oil
  3. Turmeric
  4. Quality probiotic

Our favourite

Black seed oil alleviates many of  the common symptoms associated with brain injury, such as brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, which make thinking tremendously difficult. Once these are addressed it is much easier to recognise what is actually ‘broken’ in the brain, and much easier for those living with brain injury outcomes to understand and learn how to fix things.

Black seed oil is brilliant at quickly improving clarity and clearing brain fog. Few dietary supplements bring quick noticeable results and the great thing with this oil is that it is also a natural analgesic.

It rebalances the immune system and is a natural detoxifier, which is why you start with small doses and build it up. There have been over 800 scientific studies on the medicinal qualities of the oil and it is scientifically proven to tackle many of the key secondary outcomes of brain injury such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Disruption to the blood brain barrier
  • Excitoxicity
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

Black seed oil helps in many ways, including calming the cascade of irritable hormones that make people feel so rotten. There are many things we can do to support the way this oil works by detoxing and eating for nutrition, but starting with the oil can make everything else easier to do and to understand. If you haven’t ordered a bottle it is worth trying. We give a lot of detail about the research on the oil and how it works and specifically supports the brain and body post injury.

There are many different brands of black seed oil; this one is recommended for many reasons, including that the seeds are sourced for their quality for medicinal use and every batch pressed is tested. This is the strongest, most potent and volatile oil available anywhere in the world. There is also a money-back guarantee and free world-wide shipping. It turns the biochemical ‘on’ switch back off!

Find out more and where and how to buy.

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