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Clearing Toxins

Clearing toxins


Most of us are aware that toxins can affect healthy brains and cause cognitive slow-down, depression, anxiety, and confusion. We need to be vigilant following a brain injury about everything in our environment.

Whether we are looking to heal a brain injury or prevent brain disease, degenerative disease or cancer, there are many things that we should be considering. In the home, we can switch to natural cleaning products and organic foods, and make sure that we get restorative sleep.

We should try and reduce, minimise, and clear as many sources of toxins as we can and, when we do, our brain has the best environment possible for it to heal in. We address many of the things you can do to improve your brain environment and health, but it is also important to have a think about and be aware of other factors below that may be influencing your ability to recover.

Also consider

  • Energy – The brain consumes approximately 30 per cent of our caloric intake. If most of the food we eat consists of ‘empty calories,’ or is processed food filled with additives, trans fats and sugars, the brain won’t be getting the energy it needs to function – even at a ‘normal’ level. The brain is working way harder following injury and needs a slot more support.
  • Hydration – About 70 per cent of the brain is composed of water. Water is a major component of the human body, and nearly every biological function requires water. If the brain’s cells are not properly hydrated, cognitive function declines. We also need water to help us flush toxins from the brain and body.
  • Toxins –High blood flow to the brain makes it one of the first organs to be affected by toxins in the bloodstream. Any condition that impairs the filtering of toxins out of the blood encourages brain fog and other neurological symptoms in healthy people. Toxins exacerbate brain injury symptoms and outcomes.

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