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Video tutorials

Management of brain injury


These two minute videos will take you step-by-step through the basic information you need to know about what has happened to you.


Video 1

Introduction to Primary Injury

When we consider the problems associated with a brain injury we tend to think of all the things that are ‘in our face’ and troubling us right now. However, there is a stage of understanding that comes before this and this video helps you to understand what this is.

With any event in life there is always a starting point. When it comes to how well we understand what has happened to us following brain injury we must start at the beginning in order for us to create a ‘string’ of understanding that will eventually lead to us to really ‘getting’ our current circumstances.

Whether you have a new brain injury, or are twenty years down the line, all of the information contained in these tutorials is relevant.

If you are a family member looking to help a loved one, have them watch this video series for themselves.


Video 2

Introduction to Secondary Injury

When we think of the ‘big’ challenges associated with brain injury each of us will come up with something unique. Because of a lack of disseminated information we tend to miss critical adjuncts that could otherwise help us keep pace with our real life experiences.

This video briefly explains the ‘Secondary’ injury helping us understand what is happening on a biological and chemical basis to our brain.

Because brain injury presents so many overwhelming complex outcomes we may miss critical information, which when understood, helps us see a clearer pattern of events in our personal timeline.

There are people who have lived with the outcomes of a brain injury for two, three, and possibly more decades, who still struggle and who are fearful of their worsening symptoms – symptoms that no one in their immediate medical circle seems to be able to get a handle on. Worsening symptoms are often caused by the cumulative effects of the unaddressed biochemical cascade.

If no one tells you about secondary outcomes, and no one lets you know that they are stopping you from healing – then how would you know how critical it is that you address them?

Very few people living with brain injury are aware that a secondary injury happens at all. Everyone should be made aware at the acute or initial phases so that they can stop their brain injury being worsened by inflammation and other biological events.

It doesn’t matter what period of time has passed between your injury and your ‘now.’ Video 2 introduces ideas about your real challenges – not the ones you notice of perceive, but the ones at the root cause.

Video 3

Focus on Healing

The secondary injury is a biochemical cascade that continues unabated until it is addressed. In general, symptoms of this cascade are dealt with on an individual basis by general practitioners with one medication being given for headaches, another for anxiety and so on.

The best way to combat the symptoms is to use a functional or whole body approach that gets to the root causes. When we address the causes of symptoms, rather than treating the messages that something is wrong, we can start to heal.

Prescription medications tend to be focused on quietening the messages rather than treating the cause. When you get your body back into balance you start to feel better.


Video 4

Focus on Change

If you don’t know that the biochemical cascade depletes your body of micronutrient reserves and don’t know that the inflammatory responses have a negative effect on your gut microbiome, then you won’t be able to link these problems with your continuing symptoms.

Many lifestyle choices can interfere with healing and exacerbate symptoms. We need to understand what these are so that we can eliminate those things causing us more harm


























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